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West Brom Gasping!



Some things appear indisputable! They are just the facts of life. Politicians will lie – it’s in their nature to so do. No Liverpool defender will do well in the military. Even toddlers can attest to this. And to add to these narratives, West Bromwich Albion will go down! They can’t possibly stay afloat. Their ship is carrying too much weight – conceded goals – and can only find itself submerging. Now is the appropriate time to press the alarm button. Someone should start bringing out the life jackets. The lifeguards should also be on standby for damage control. It’s time for them to earn their pay. It’s no longer a matter of if; it is when the Titanic scenario will happen again.

Life is no longer rosy at The Hawthorns. If anything, there are thorns all over the place at the club gasping for breath. Not even a thousand oxygen masks can remedy this situation. It is pitiable!

This has got to be the most vapid season in the EPL in recent times. The would-be champions already have both hands on the trophy (and guarding it jealously), awaiting ‘lift-off’. A relegation attire has already been made; sewn to size, and awaiting delivery. All these with still about 10 games to go.

The Baggies have been shambolic this season. With 20 points in 28 games, and a hooting 42 goals conceded, no ship can stay afloat with such weight/burden.

Alan Pardew was brought in to steady the rocky boat in November after the sack of former coach (and relegation virtuoso) Tony Pulis. But the rock-bottom team has only managed 1 win under Pardew’s 14 league matches. Appalling! With just 20 points, and 6 points behind fellow strugglers Stoke City (26) and Swansea City (27), it remains to be seen how The Baggies can survive the ‘shark feast’. Their form and efforts even more uninspiring and paints a doomed picture.

With 4 straight loses, they are basically foredoomed.

The best The Baggies can do is to begin to pack their bag and baggage and prepare for life in the Championship. At least, this will save them the ignominy of packing stuffs in bin bags at the last minute like a certain Theo Walcott did en route to Everton!


By Uche Atuma

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