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Wenger: Ya 4ault!



‘Wenger out’ was a crowd-pleasing slogan at the Emirates stadium last season. Arsenal fans and neutrals alike, regularly indulged in some rather harsh display of despondency. It was the faithfuls’ vehicle for driving home their anguish to those who should act. They were simply tired of conveying their dismantled or disassembled ammunition back to the armoury, match after match.

The FA Cup triumph appeared to have assuaged the feelings of aggrieved supporters, and Sir Arsene Wenger signed a 2-year contract extension. And last season ended on somewhat convivial atmosphere.

As preparations intensified for the 2017/18 seasonn, not a few fans expected Wenger (the economist) to deviate from his norm and splash the cash for quality players. Alexandre Lacazette was bought for £52million, and many thought an influx of top-notch players was in the offing for the North London giants (who have really become ‘ants’ in London if truth be told). Alas, that was far from being the case. The man noted for his deep-pockets-but-short-arms philosophy just wouldn’t switch. The transfer windows, doors, closets etc shut, and the major revamping and rejigging that fans anticipated this campaign rolled off the table like teardrop.

Albeit, the Gunners picked up maximum points in their first game of the season against Leicester City at the Emirates, they were far from convincing. But for the Foxes’ meekness, the story would have been different. The second game against Stoke City where they were stroked, unmasked their defensive timidity, midfield frailties and attacking diffidence. The signs were ominous!

And if anyone needed any conviction of the cataclysmic aura at the Emirates, then Liverpool provided 4! Not only did Wenger and his lads lose scandalously, they were bruised, battered and pulverized. They were like ‘soldiers’ on a battlefield who knew not where the trigger was in a gun, let alone how to pull it. Without mincing words, they were that abysmal. Worst still, their commander sat on the bench, head hung, like a dying flower.

And if the words of veterans and Arsenal heroes like Ian Wright (who played under the tutelage of the French tactician) who posited shortly after the show of shame at Anfield, that Sir Wenger will never give any player the ‘hair-dryer’ treatment for that display of ignominy, is anything to go by, then Arsenal faithfuls have only just had a headache, the real sickness is yet to come.

And with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain off to Liverpool, Alexis Sanchez’s neither-here-nor-there stance, mix these with Mesut Ozil’s oscillatory input to the team in recent times, methinks that the ‘sick man of London’ is on all FOURS!

Who to blame 4 this? Yes, Wenger, it’s all your 4ault!

By Uche Atuma

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