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United they fall



One thing is as clear as daylight — Pep Guardiola may have imported Barcelona to the English Premier League, but the sad thing is that the beauty of having a Real Madrid as a counter-balancing force appears elusive. At least, at the moment.

Before the Manchester derby, the chasing pack in the EPL — the defending champions inclusive — had inadvertently thrown in the towel. The only team that posed any threat to the Cityzens was Manchester United, at least by virtue of their second spot on the table. Thus, the 18 other clubs looked up to the Red Devils to help slow down Guardiola’s rampaging bull. Well, at least not the Swanseas, West Hams or Crystal Palaces of the EPL. These ones have been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with their oxygen masks, and battling to hold on to life. Too preoccupied with survival to care about this ‘over-hyped’ fixture, which, turned out to be a sham! Hey fellas, condone my language, but I just couldn’t find a kinder word to espouse.

On a cold, chilly Sunday evening, I had anticipated a blast of a game, with both set of players getting at each other. In fact, Jose Mourinho’s line-up suggested that. But how easily we fell for the deceit. You could have been forgiven to think that Leicester City had changed their jerseys and home ground and were playing at Old Trafford against City. To be honest, the King Power’s attack line of Jamie Vardy and Demarai Gray would have been more potent.

In the end, we were treated to some form of crambo-clink football, as United fell like Jack off the City hill. Thoroughly beaten, humiliated and given a lesson or two on how to approach big games. Tales you would never have heard under Fergie!

Pretty sad to accept the unequivocal assertion that the Premier league could be over in December. With 11 points between the Cityzens and their closest rival, it’s hard to chew.

The colour of the ribbons on the EPL trophy come May next year will definitely be blue, not the deep blue of the cracked bridge, but that of the sky — from where the Citiyzens are looking down at their disciples!


By Uche Atuma

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