Spurs: Sleeping or Slipping?



I was engrossed in some form of cogitation shortly after the Leicester City versus Tottenham Hotspurs match at the King Power stadium, and I couldn’t help but reminisce over the chorus of an old rap song by the American rapper, DMX. The line goes thus: “…slipping, falling, I can’t get up… slipping, falling, I got to get up…” For me, this should be the theme song at the White Hart Lane — oh, sorry, my boo-boo. The Lillywhites have moved away from home. Wembley is the new RA!

Mauricio Pochettino and his boys on white tops are presently in a confinement, where the lights have been put out — all’s dark and black.

Coming into the 2017/2018 EPL season, the Lillywhites were unimpeachably one of the teams to cheer and savour. Indeed, not a few rated them highly, especially after their exploits in the last two seasons — where they ‘ve actually become true blue. Draw a blank from their white and black outfit.

Spurs may not parade the Sergio Agueros, Paul Pogbas, Eden Hazards as their contemporaries, but they are definitely way beyond a bunch of average Joes. Methinks they are perhaps more of a complete team than most other teams in their mould. From Hugo Lloris to Jan Vertonghen; from Christian Eriksen to Son Heung-Min. The dexterity and brilliance of Harry Kane and Dele Alli pervades the EPL and beyond. Yet, with these assemblage, Pochettino and his lads may still remain the bridesmaid, never the bride for a very long time to come.

Of the 14 games already executed this campaign, the temporary Wembley landlords have already been gunned down 5 times, and are presently under the gun.

While loses to Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea be forgiven, dropping all 3 points against West Ham (who have done nothing all season but hand the hammer to their opponents, who have consequently nailed them to the cross) is nothing but appalling. Ditto for the Leicester City game (no disrespect to the King Power faithfuls) where they were as dull as ditchwater.


By Uche Atuma

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