Riyad’s Hooky Dance



It is really hard to fathom who’s high on water in this matter! Harder still, is understanding why clubs do some of the things they do: A player feels his club’s home pitch ain’t green enough, and desires ‘greener’ pastures elsewhere, but the club insists it’s a man-and-his-shadow affair.

Agreed, players are on contracts – that must be respected. But why put a mouse in a basket of grains? A player whose commitment to his club is less than 100%, will no doubt, churn out less than 100% performances. Riyad Mahrez has been ‘missing in action’ since his attempt to dump the deep blue colour of Leicester for the sky-blue version of Manchester failed. A true blue fella! Hey, whatever happened to the freedom of movement? Why reprimand a man for wanting to move from one City to another City? Beats me!

Considering the fact that Leicester paid a miserly £400,000 to secure the services of the Algerian a few seasons ago, trading his legs for as much as £65m (the figure Manchester City offered) would have been a hit for Warren Buffet.

The adept Algerian is unimpeachably the Foxes’ best player, but no bummed player would give his best. The rationale for ‘holding him hostage’ is fuzzy. Leicester City are neither battling relegation nor gunning for the title. So what’s da point?

The player has now missed two of their last EPL games, and hasn’t been seen anywhere near the training ground since Leicester cooked his goose.

Come to think of it, a few questions are not being asked: Is the Algerian really missing or just hiding? Hope he hasn’t been abducted? Is the club looking for him? These are some of the questions that should be answered. Since he has taken a French leave, may be the club can start by sending emissaries to France (his birth place), who knows, lady luck may just shine on them. Again, Leicester City play Manchester City (the club Mahrez tried to ‘elope’ to) next, could they be holding him captive until after their clash, to avoid him causing the Cityzens any harm. Questions, questions and more questions.

Methinks Leicester City should show some understanding and do the needful. N’Golo Kante and Danny Drinkwater were both released to Chelsea. Why not Mahrez. What’s good for the Blues is good for the Cityzens.


By Uche Atuma

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