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Mourning Mourinho!



That Jose Mourinho cannot be ignored is a cinch! Call him what you will — the ‘special one’, the ‘chosen one’, the ‘unemployed one’ (his self-imposed appellation after he got kicked in the a** by Chelsea), the mesmeric Portuguese always makes the news. And the news makes him!

The Manchester United gaffer has been in the news lately — for the right or wrong reason, depending on whether you are on the Egyptian side or the Israelites side of the Red Sea.

Following the loquacious blow the Red Devils received from their City rivals, the Portuguese tactician has virtually allowed this puff get to him. He has complained about everything and everyone but himself and his players, who, underperformed on the day. Albeit, a battalion is only as good as its commander.

As usual, Mourinho has lambasted the match referee, in this case, Michael Oliver for not awarding a penalty to his team for a perceived infringement on Ander Herrera.

He was subsequently involved in a dressing room scuffle with the visiting team for ‘over-indulging’ in their celebrations. With due respect Jose, that’s balderdash to me. You don’t tell a troop how to celebrate after a conquest. Your prerogative is your squad.

I have seen Manchester United players practicing dance steps and celebration styles prior to important football matches if even before a ball is kicked and victory guaranteed. That would never happen under Sir Alex. Nah

Come on Jose, be a man! Accept the realities on ground. Don’t argue the toss. You may just have lost your fear factor. These things happen. No one said the job was going to be easy peasy. Hey, it’s Manchester United we are talking about here.

Stop criticising the match officials for your bad patches. Quit hurling missiles at the press in the open or pouring vituperations and invectives on everybody but yourself.

Don’t cry us a river, lest some PEoPle clink glasses at your misfortune. Please Guard(iola) against that!


By Uche Atuma

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