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After Liverpool became the first team in the EPL this season to unmask the ‘heavenly’ Manchester City and bring them from their sky-high tower back to earth, many felt that would signal the end of their topsy-turvy bumpy ride in the EPL thus far; which has been their hallmark in recent times.

But some of us knew that was far from being the case. Not with the way Jurgen Klopp and his troops celebrated that victory over City. Rather than seeing the match as a game won, and 3 points taken, the Reds wore the toga of the ultimate conquistador! They had to. They had just defeated the mighty City! The habiliment of invincibility which the Cityzens had sheathed themselves in since the beginning of the present campaign last August had been torn to shreds. Really wondered who was happier – Klopp or Arsene Wenger!

Klopp and his lads must have skipped a few days of training or perhaps, taken their daily routine a little less seriously. Hence the performance against struggling Swansea City – the club at the bottom of the sea. Where the Reds that poor against the Swans? Well, maybe not. But the plague that has been their nemesis all season-long just wouldn’t set them free, as they capitulated under a slight squeeze.

Pitiable, the man who had just been brought in to secure the back door, was culpable for letting the ‘intruders’ in and doing the damage.

Dear Mr. Klopp, kindly figure out what to do to this appalling defense. Virgin van Dijk – world’s most expensive defender is now in the mix at Anfield. No more excuses. Get bouncers, security guards in if you must. Just fix this awful back line. Capeesh!


By Uche Atuma

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