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DisUnited by United!



What a shame! The English Premier League has never been this boring; at least not in recent times. The chase is over. The competition is deceased. With well over 10 games to go, it’s no longer edge-of-your-seat situation. The scenario now is akin to Usain Bolt (in his heydays) doing his thing on the tracks. You are fixated, not for the excitement of a real race in terms of contestation and rivalry, but to savour the buzz of the Jamaican confining his own records to the thrash can of history.

Manchester is excited; at the same time, Manchester is depressed, dull. No thanks to Jose Mourinho, the city where red carpets where all over the place for the good, the bad and the ugly to walk on proudly, has now been taken over by one-time ‘noisy neighbours’. Jose was brought to United (not the one where a ‘New Castle’ has been erected) to make them ‘turn down the volume of their sound system’; alas, they are now emboldened, organizing concerts and jamborees – with ultrasonic systems. What a shame!

Prior to Manchester United’s game on Tyneside, the Red Devils were already trailing the ‘real kings’ of Manchester by 13 points, and needed to do some damage control as the Cityzens had demolished Leicester City (5-1) the day before. But again, Mourinho was terrified by the ghost of Sir Bobby Robson, his former mentor. The result? His troops were dis-United like a flock of sheep invaded by a wolf.

What exactly is the problem at United? Why would a team that parades the likes of Paul Pogba, David de Gea, Romelu Lukaku, and most recently Alexis Sanchez struggle to keep up the chase (in the least). Has Mourinho lost his mojo? Methinks that, exchange the red jerseys of the players at Old Trafford for the skye-blue of City under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, and the entire system becomes a flip side. Pogba couldn’t have become a terrible player in a blink. Raheem Sterling was far from sterling until he got some Pepping. So Marcus Rashford could obviously do better.

Now City are running away with the title unchallenged and unmolested.

Thank you Mourinho for denying us the opportunity and joy that comes with match-day 38 hysteria, agitations, hullabaloo, elation etc. For many lovers of the EPL, it would be ‘much ado about nothing’. Emphasis would now be on the relegation survivors. Rather than get excited up north, we have to unexcitedly enjoy the happenings down south!

What more can I say!


By Uche Atuma

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