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Chelsea: Wat 4 Heaven Sake Gone Wrong?



Last time out against Bournemouth, Chelsea fans had their mouths wide open in consternation! They had just been battered and bruised; black eyed with swollen faces. They were practically brought to their knees. Humbled!

Against Watford, they were expected to fight back. But what did they get? Defacement – swollen jaws, broken limbs and bruises all over. Were we really amazed? If they couldn’t defend their integrity and pride on home turf against (lowly) Bournemouth, did we really expect the Blues to clink glasses at the end of the battle in ‘enemy’ territory at Vicarage Road? Not surprised the team came back in ‘clutches’!

Chelsea are on all 4s! Antonio Conte is a lost ball in the high weeds! If there was any doubt about the magnitude of the crises at the Bridge, the game against Watford just obliged us an exposé. In fact the Hornets gave 4 reasons to convince die-hard faithfuls that things ain’t rosy in South-West London.

The performance at Vicarage Road from Conte and his troops was, to say the least, ‘unforgivable.’ In the words of Conte, “the team lacked character and confidence.” There was no spirit, no hunger, no soul; basically played like there was nothing at stake. No player had the balls!

Chelsea have got both feet stuck in the mud! Conte’s disillusionment is being gradually unwrapped like Boxing Day gifts. The players are spineless! The early abdication of their EPL crown has been weakening. The touchline theatrics and passion of the Italian has faded into smoldering embers of illusion. For Conte, disContent is the word.

His players have practically let him down this season. Difficult to believe that N’Golo Kante has not be cloned, and the real ‘specie’ caged somewhere by rival clubs. Tiemoue Bakayoko‘s worst color has got to be blue. The Frenchman has been awful and largely peripheral since his move to London. Never had an average performance in the colors of the Blues. Probably one of the worst footballers in EPL history. £40m down the sink! The lack of genuine competition for Thibaut Courtois has practically brought the poor side of the Belgian to the fore. Eden Hazard hasn’t been at his quintessential best this campaign.

The players may not have done their bits, but Conte is definitely not blameless. The Italian, in his quiet moment, in the confines of his bedroom must be lamenting the treatment meted to Nemanja Matic. If he had his way, he would chop off his fingers for working faster than his brain when he typed that infamous message to Diego Costa before the current season kicked off.

The Italian is in a mess! The situation is messier than ‘Messi’. Antonio Conte is probably on the same canoe with Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane, both paddling in murky waters. The UCL may just be the only hope of redemption for both men, but on current domestic form, I’ll eat my hat if the Chelsea manager succeeds. Conte’s probably waiting to be sacked so that he gets his full emolument. Really can’t see this tired horse completing the race at this pace!

Not even the three day off Conte has given his lads for a thorough ‘soul-searching’ and rest will help their situation.


By Uche Atuma

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