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It is rather agonizing that at least, one man can afford to be upbeat at the Emirates the morning after the swanning at Swansea. No medallion for guessing Arsene Wenger’s appeasement. This latest whack to the Frenchman’s tremulous jaws couldn’t have come at a better time. With the footballing community and all lovers of the game fully engrossed with transfer deadline activities – ins and outs at the various clubs, and also the ‘capture’ of one of the game’s most coveted strikers, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Wenger can still afford a cup of coffee with a smile. A conglomeration of these happenstances have helped to ‘mask’ what would have triggered the release of another ‘Wenger Out’ blockbuster!

Same old Arsenal! Ain’t nothing’s changed! The Gunners were awful. Really would love it if this present Arsenal team could be stripped of that appellation – Gunners. Why stick to that name when you come out of virtually every battle (these days) battered, bruised and humbled. Sometimes even by the ‘downtrodden.’

Come to think of it, there appears to be great similarities between Arsenal and Liverpool in recent times – display of unexpectedly shocking performances; collapse of the CNS, resulting in the breakdown of the defense system et al. Could it be the red-colored jerseys they both adorn? No disrespect to the Reds, every toddler recognizes at least two things in his immature life – his mother’s warm cuddling; and Liverpool’s defense whenever he stares at a football match on a screen. Unfortunately, Wenger and his troops are beginning to drink from the same cup that Jurgen Klopp and his boys gulp from and jealously guard. Little wonder they avoid the crowd and ‘walk alone’. Safety measure you would say! But how that ‘cup of poison’ gets transmuted back and forth between Anfield and the Emirates, I would never know!

Arsenal’s last game at the Liberty Stadium against Swansea City mirrored their defensive frailties and attacking timidity. Shkodran Mustafi was more useless to the North London team than hot potatoes to a hungry lion. Never seen Hector Bellerin play so poorly like a ballerina on snow. Awful! Grant Xhaka cut a pitiable figure. The frontline of Alex Iwobi, Alexandre Lacazette and Mesut Ozil were simply horrendous! Ozil’s only contribution for 90 minutes was the sublime pass to Nacho Monreal for Arsenal’s only goal. Besides that, the German was far from germane to their course. Not a word for Petr Cech!

It remains to be seen if Aubameyang will breathe some life to the team. At the start of the season when Lacazette was signed, the Emirate faithfuls were more excited than kids enjoying Santa’s company for the first time. Now they are back to reality.

Well, maybe not just Wenger heaved a sigh of relief, a certain Alexis also probably did after leaving a ‘certain’ club that sank down the sea last time out!


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