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Arsenal Wallow in Insipidity!



…And if you didn’t know, now you know. Arsenal FC is in a mess! Ya, so huge is the mess that not even Messi can dig ‘em out. And teams are showing no mercy; dispatching them with ease like bags of rotten potatoes. No exaggerations, no amplified fabrications, the North London side is on oxygen masks, desperately holding on.

If one ruminates over the fact that the last time Arsenal won a game in the EPL was against Everton about a month ago, then the pungency of the flagrant stink from the London club can be appreciated. The Gunners have suffered triplets of defeats in succession; from Tottenham HotSpurs, Manchester City and most provocatively to Brighton Hove Albion. Add these to the smear from Ostersunds in the Europa League, and Manchester City’s pummel in the Carabao Cup. It’s been ignominy by all standards.

Overtime, the manager, Monsieur Arsene Wenger has been the man who’s had eggs smashed on his face. He’s been criticized, castigated and lambasted for ‘preferring’ to paddle the old-fashioned rickety canoe on a turbulent sea, even as rivals and contemporaries continue to cruise on modern and sophisticated speed boats.

After spending 22 years with the London giant (Chelsea and Spurs will argue this) from Highbury to the Emirates, and with only 3 EPL titles to show, his ‘acclaimed’ success at the club has become a subject for evaluation. In the last few years, the Frenchman has ‘trophylised’ a top-four finish. Season after season, they have wallowed in this illusion and self-affliction. But things are even worse off now. Even though the club is based in Islington, London, Wenger and his fallen heroes are gradually making 6th Avenue, Premier League Road their ‘permanent site’ this season. By virtue of their unshakeable league position in the current campaign; an address last occupied by Manchester United.

But unlike United who were able to make it to the Uefa Champions League by winning the Europa League last season, Arsenal look far from achieving that feat. They are as empty as a hungry shark’s belly. No soul! No spine! No ambition! And these were examplified in their last match against Brighton. How sad! If only the Frenchman had exited the stage when he could still afford to wave at the crowd, perhaps, he would be on the same pedestal as Sir Alex. Not any more!

While the fans continue to direct all manner of arsenals in Wenger’s direction, their should also be some ‘sticks, cudgels and even machetes’ for the ’90 minutes actors’ on the pitch. They have failed the fans, the team and the club.

It is sad enough that Arsenal is in this big mess now, but the bigger pain is that, going forward, Arsenal may just become a ‘leprosy patient’ that every good footballer wants to avoid.

That’s the biggest shame!


By Uche Atuma

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