And the beat goes on…



Catch me if you can like the Gingerbread man… I bet this should be the theme song at the Etihad presently. Wow! What a team; what a group! Really can’t remember the last time the imagery of the color of the ribbons to be decorated on the English Premier League trophy in May is becoming so brazen and conspicuous in December. Untypical of the EPL!

However, faithfuls, neutrals and pundits alike are all in the same canoe on this one; paddling away in a sea of ecstasy. All appreciative of the ravishment and delectation Pep Guardiola and his band of ‘fugitives’ are treating us to. Yap, that’s what I choose to call this assemblage of skye-blue enameled troops. They have virtually escaped from the rest of the 19 teams. The chasing pack!

Methinks Manchester City is the weakest of the 20 teams in the EPL presently though. They are so weak, lightweight and frail. They have to be. If they are comfortably on top of the EPL table, that’s because the other teams beneath them are strong enough to carry them on their shoulders. The strongest being Swansea City — who are stronger and heavier than a bucket of mud; little wonder they are sinking in the sea at the moment.

Inspite of their delicacy, the Etihad giants have been more than domineering this campaign. Teams have been despatched with unflinching equanimity. Stoke City were stroked with benignancy thrown out of the window. The victory over Crystal Palace was crystal clear. Liverpool were drowned in the pool behind the Etihad Stadium. Even Chelsea had nothing to cheer as they fell off their own bridge when the Cityzens visited. Only Everton, surprisingly, have taken something off City this time out. True stuff of champions!

As the world awaits the Manchester derby, December 10, 2017, it remains to be seen if Jose Mourinho’s Red Devils would torment City had enough to cause them to have some form of convulsions. The only way this rampaging bull can be halted at the moment.

Manchester United need to do this, not just for themselves, but for the chasing pack as well. Let’s have some semblance of a competition.

The days of invincibility in the EPL are long gone. Hey, let’s allow Sir Arsene Wenger to, at least have something to cheer always!

Final advice to Mourinho — watch out for ‘Peppy’ time!


By Uche Atuma

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